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President’s Column – March 2019

It is now 12 months since being elected NPS President. Wow! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Since first joining NPS about four years ago and discovering just how little I knew about photography, I now know so much more than back then. Which just goes to show how knowledgeable many of our members are and how willing they are to pass on that knowledge.

For those who like them, competitions are one way to improve one’s photography skills. But that is not the NPS ethos, so, if wanting to improve we must rely on other methods. One way is to hold in-house workshops. About 18 months ago we ran a survey to see what photography subjects members would like to help improve their skills. We had a huge response and initiated a policy of holding at least three workshops each year to fulfil this need. The first was a composition workshop, followed by bird photography, then a Black & White workshop and finally, an astro workshop. Given the survey response and the numbers attending these workshops, there is obviously a desire to learn and refine your photography skills. The real bonus was all workshops were run by our very own members. There is definitely a huge pool of talent in this club.

Now, still based on that original survey, we have set the workshop programme for this year with three new subjects: Macro, Post Processing and Preparing Images for Print. No dates have been set for these workshops as yet and if members who have expertise in these areas feel they can help out we would love to hear from you. In addition to workshops, critique sessions can be very helpful. I believe we should hold more of these sessions than we do currently. Perhaps the next committee will look favourably on this subject. Of course ‘getting out and doing it’ is one of the best ways of all to improve your photography. So, while awaiting a workshop of your choice or a critique session……..go on a field trip or just get out there and do it!

Peter Hockley

See you soon.

Peter Hockley

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