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Doug Herriot: Love-in-a-mist


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2018 AGM News     Offices: Patron: Carl Thompson President: Peter Hockley Vice President: Stacey Hill Secretary: Elizabeth Burtt Treasurer: Ken Muscroft-Taylor Committee: Carolyn Collins Diana Stewart Gavin

2018 Exhibition

Notice: Exhibition 2018 The theme for next year’s exhibition is going to be “Weather” So use your imagination and start taking amazing images which show the weather in all its glory

Trenna Packer Salver Information

Winning set for Trenna Packer 2017 by the Nature Photography Photographic Society of New Zealand The competition was started by Hagley Camera Club of Christchurch in 1972 as a memorial to Trenna


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Rob Brown Iceland

Iceland Photo Tour

July 3 - July 17


President’s Column – March 2018

The AGM is only a week away now and the organisation for it is all sorted.  Food, minutes, nominations (still room for some more…) and for those of us presenting, putting the final touches on the images and the presentations.  Time to fire up Lightroom and do some of this post-processing I have been meaning to do for a year now.  There is nothing like an imminent deadline to push you to get stuff done.

The week after the AGM I am taking three classes up to Temple Basin for some research on how plant communities change as you go up a mountain.  I’m hoping that seeing the zonation patterns and the diversity of plants above the treeline will encourage some of the students to become more interested in our natural history and become the next generation to protect it.  This is, of course, assuming they manage the trek up and back – without cellphones.  Oh well – being miserable builds character.

In the meantime, there is lots to see and do in Christchurch as well.  The lantern festival is always worth exploring.  Every year there are new additions to the lanterns on display and they do photograph ever so nicely.  The new location along the river may even make it easier for everyone to see the lanterns.  It will also give Hagley Park a bit of a break.  The Classical Sparks concert there was good though, and I had fun playing with the fireworks in black and white mode.  Next time I can apply the lessons learnt this time to see if I can do a photo version of one of my favourite Escher lithographs.

Just in case you don’t make it to the AGM, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have helped NPS continue to provide the trips and meetings we do.  In particular, a big thank you to Bob, who is stepping down from the committee this year. Also, a big thank you to the members of the committee who have agreed to be nominated to continue their service, the Honours Board, the field trip leaders, and the many others of you who help out where you can.  You have made my time as President manageable, educational, and a lot of fun.

Happy photographing everyone!


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Remco Baars Fireworks
Remco Baars Fireworks