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Doug Herriot: Love-in-a-mist


Weather Images for 2018 Exhibition

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July 3 - July 17


President’s Column – July 2018

The shortest day has come and gone already. The year is flying by and although winter is well and truly upon us, we’ll soon be thinking about spring. This winter has been a bit weird for plant life. I guess the mild autumn and high rainfall is to blame for our neighbour’s blossom tree coming out in full bloom even before losing all its leaves. And on a recent trip to the Botanical Gardens it was strange to see some spring flowers and other bulbs starting to appear.
There are a large number of entries for the Trenna Packer Competition this year which will all be on show at this month’s club night on 16th July. We are hopeful this year’s judge, Elizabeth Passuello will be there to present the entries and announce the winner. Will it be NPS again? Come along and find out. Also, Bevan Tulett will warm you up with something to think about if you are attending his birding workshop at Travis Wetlands on 28th July. Check out the details under ‘Field Trips’. If you want to learn the basics of bird photography or improve your bird photography skills, there are still spaces available on this workshop.
In June, after putting in a lot of work, James Thompson had to abandon his astrophotography evening at Castle Hill due to cloudy weather. But, never fear, James has already organised a re-run in July.
Next month we will have the final analysis of our recent Field Trip Survey. Who knows, hopefully there will be suggestions there that we can implement.
Golly, we really have a lot of things happening and after my earlier whinging about wanting more members supporting field trips, it is very satisfying to now see an increase in members signing up for various events. So, this winter, if you need a reason to get out of the easy chair and get some fresh air and excercise, NPS can provide it. And you know what? I’ll bet you will be glad you did!

Peter Hockley: Mackenzie basin

See you soon.

Peter Hockley

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