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President’s Column – May 2018

Isn’t Christchurch colourful in the autumn? In fact the whole South Island is a showcase of glorious autumn colours at this time of year. Time to get out for those vibrant autumn images.

We usually spend a bit of time in the McKenzie Country at this time of the year but, with one thing and another, we just haven’t had the opportunity. So, when we can, we’ll visit a few spots around the city and see what we can find. You’ve just got to get out there and do it!

Some areas of the Christchurch Botanical Gardens are brilliant just now and well worth a visit. But if it’s crawling with kids maybe somewhere further afield and quieter would be in order. There are plenty of parks and gardens around the city and without going too far you could travel inland from the city or visit the many picturesque spots on Banks Peninsula. The other day we went to Little Akaloa on the peninsula. The image below was taken at St Luke’s church up on the hill in this quaint little settlement. Surrounded by towering oaks with leaves starting to fall these church grounds make for marvellous autumn photography.

Of course, if fungi are your thing now is the right time for fossicking around at ground level. Parks, riverbanks and other forested areas are never too far away if you’re after fungi.

In our garden we have a bright pink camellia in full bloom and a white magnolia busting out all over. And the wax-eyes are starting to appear again. All are great photographic subjects.

What about the Aurora Australis (The Southern Lights) that’s been putting on a spectacular show lately. If you have any images of the aurora or autumn images you are proud of perhaps you could share them on the NPS Flickr and facebook sites. We would love to see them!

See you soon.

Peter Hockley


Peter Hockley: Little Akaloa

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