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Annual General Meeting:- Reports, Election of Officers, Proposed change to rule 13.3, General Business

The NPS committee proposes a change to rule 13.3 as outlined below:
  “That membership payments are due prior to 31st January and any payment made after this date  will incur a $15 late payment penalty. If a member is still not financial at the date of the AGM,  the membership will be deemed to have lapsed.”  
 The reason for this is that a few members are very slow in paying their annual membership fees. This results in a considerable increase in workload for our treasurer, and other people who need to refer to our members list, as it is difficult to determine who is financial and who is not.
 It is hoped that this rule change will make it easier for membership lists to be kept current,  and encourage people to deal with membership renewals in a more timely fashion. There will be time for discussion on this proposal at the AGM. 

Members presentations: ‘Impression’ use 10 images to give the impression of a place or trip.


Supper: Newell Grenfell